University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Technical Specifications

Loading and Parking

Directly onto stage at stage level; entrance doors are 10’ high and 6’ wide and are located directly backstage. Loading dock is for active loading and unloading only. For other parking needs, arrangements need to be made with Campus Parking.

Power Supply

There are two amp panels located in the building; the first is a 400-amp 3-phase panel located on the stage. The second panel is also a 400-amp 3-phase, and it is located in the basement. Everything is bonded to a cold water pipe ground. Arrangements for an electrician must be made in advance to load-in.

Seating Capacity

A printable seating chart is available here.

  • Main floor: 728 seats
  • Balcony: 835 seats
  • Total: 1563 seats

Total includes any broken seats, press seats, usher seats, and seats removed for wheelchair access. Please contact us to discuss useable capacity.

Dressing rooms

Four dressing rooms are located below the stage with stair access. Each dressing room is equipped with a sink and illuminated mirrors. Washrooms with two sinks, 1 shower and 1 toilet are located directly across the hall from the dressing rooms. Each dressing room can accommodate five to seven people. There is also a speaker in each dressing room for monitoring the program.

  • Dressing room B-13
    8' x 15'
    6 illuminated mirrors
    1 sink with mirror above
  • Dressing room B-18
    7' x 15'
    6 illuminated mirrors
    1 sink with mirror above
  • Dressing room B-21
    11' x 15'
    5 lighted mirrors
    1 sink with mirror above

Communication Systems

Clearcom headsets are available throughout the building:

  • Fly Rail (1)
  • Backstage (3)
  • Booth (3)
  • Hospitality Area (1)
  • Office (1)
  • FOH Mix (1)

Motorola TalkAbout handsets are also available for rehearsals and tech work.

Stage dimensions

  • Datum= Fire Curtain
  • Proscenium height: 17' 6''
  • Proscenium width: 35' 7''
  • Datum to Back Wall: 27' 8"
  • Lip of Apron to Back Wall: 53' 1"
  • Datum to Lip of Apron 25' 5"
  • Proscenium to 1 st Electric 5'
  • Proscenium to 2 nd Electric 11'
  • Proscenium to 3 rd Electric 17'
  • Left Bay: 25' 6"Wx27'D
  • Right Bay: 25' 6"Wx27'D


Grid Height: 36'
Single Purchase Counterweight System operated above stage level. Items can be dead hung from the grid. Arrangements for a rigger will need to be made in advance to dead hang.


Permanent draw hours curtain (rust color); can be flown out of sight.

  • Legs: 4 pairs; Black Velvet 12'W x 19'H
  • Borders: 4 Black Velvet 21"H x 53'W
  • Cyclorama: Crossover space behind cyclorama is 4'